Meet Vincent Orange

Vincent Orange and his family

"He has a compelling life story of starting out with little and becoming both an attorney and a certified public accountant.”
- The Washington Post, May 22, 2010

A compassionate public servant with the business experience our city needs
Vincent Orange knows the power of a good education first hand. Growing up in poverty, he took advantage of the opportunities provided by a strong public school education, eventually earning an A Better Chance scholarship and attending a private high school in Colorado – Fountain Valley. He earned degrees in Business Administration and Communications from the University of the Pacific, a law degree from Howard University and a Master of Laws in Taxation from Georgetown University. A lawyer, certified public accountant and auditor, Vincent spent years working for local businesses and non-profits including the National Children's Center, Inc. Vincent served two terms on the City Council representing Ward 5, spearheading efforts to bring much-needed development to underserved communities, and he was one of the original advocates for education reform. Vincent and his wife, Gwendolyn, remain residents of Ward 5 and have three children, Vincent, Jr., Paul Wesley, and Jannie Elizabeth.

“As a council member, Mr. Orange brought important economic development projects to his community, strengthened the Office of Inspector General and was an early voice for education reform. Those who served with Mr. Orange describe him as conscientious and say he should not be overlooked.”
- The Washington Post, regarding the 2010 election, May 22, 1010

A strong record of achievement and the independent judgment to lead Vincent Orange offers more than vague promises.
His detailed plan to fix the District’s financial troubles is backed by experience. Having served on the Council during an economic downturn in the late 1990’s, Vincent worked with city leaders to ensure the District regained its financial footing. He helped take the City from a deficit of $518 million in1998 to a surplus of $1.6 billion in 2007. Vincent marshaled through the Living Wage Act of 2006, mandating a minimum wage of $11.75 per hour. He also took the lead in calling for enforcement of the First Source Program, which require at least 51% of new hires on city funded projects must be DC residents.

“Managing the city’s finances and continuing school reforms are but two of the challenges to be faced in the next four years. The council will need a strong leader who understands this diverse city and its government, is able to build consensus from a dozen warring agendas and has the sense to know what battles are worth fighting… We believe Mr. Orange is best able to match the legacy of intelligent leadership.”
- The Washington Post, 2010 election editorial, August 9, 2010

The Orange Vision

Vincent's vision for Washington, DC, is that of a world-class city operating at its fullest potential. An extremely vibrant city that continues to beckon individuals, couples and families to live in, visit and experience its culture, arts, restaurants, retail, entertainment, sports venues, neighborhoods and tourism. More

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Vincent OrangeAs an attorney and certifiedpublic accountant, Vincent Orange has the skillset DC needs to make the citygreat again. In his earlier tenure on the DC Council, Vincent helped the cityturn a $518 million deficit into a $1.6 billion surplus reserve. Sincere-joining the DC Council last year, he has been at the forefront of efforts torestore ethical integrity to the Council, root out government waste, providejobs and continue education reform.More

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