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Vincent Orange - The Voter’s Choice in Ward 8

Ward 8 Democrats Endorse Orange with 87% of the Vote

For Immediate Release: March 19, 2011 at 12:36 pm

Today, the Ward 8 Democrats overwhelmingly endorsed Vincent Orange as their next At-Large representative on the DC Council. With over 200 democrats in attendance at the Ward 8 Democrats Endorsement Vote, Vincent Orange secured 87% of the votes tallied.

"The Ward 8 Democrats stated they wanted the next At-Large Councilmember to have experience in resolving difficult fiscal issues, creating jobs for residents and rooting out government waste, abuse and mismanagement," Orange said. "When the votes were tallied, my name rose to the top and I want to thank the Ward 8 Democrats for putting their support behind my campaign. This is a clear indication that my message of, 'Independent leadership that will stand with you.' is resonating across the District of Columbia. We offer the experience, integrity and accountability to improve our City."

The results for the Ward 8 Democrats Endorsement Vote were as follows: Vincent Orange - 141, Joshua Lopez - 6, Sekou Biddle - 6, Dorothy Douglas - 3, Tom Brown - 5 and Bryan Weaver - 1. 

"This is a very dramatic indication of how Vincent Orange is being received across Ward 8. We (Ward 8 Democrats) have never had such a lop-sided endorsement vote," said former Ward 8 Democrats President Philip Pannell. "Vincent Orange has the momentum to go on to victory on April 26. He is a known quantity in ward 8 and not only do they trust him, but they support him."

The Orange Vision

Vincent's vision for Washington, DC, is that of a world-class city operating at its fullest potential. An extremely vibrant city that continues to beckon individuals, couples and families to live in, visit and experience its culture, arts, restaurants, retail, entertainment, sports venues, neighborhoods and tourism. More

Get to Know Vincent

Vincent OrangeAs an attorney and certifiedpublic accountant, Vincent Orange has the skillset DC needs to make the citygreat again. In his earlier tenure on the DC Council, Vincent helped the cityturn a $518 million deficit into a $1.6 billion surplus reserve. Sincere-joining the DC Council last year, he has been at the forefront of efforts torestore ethical integrity to the Council, root out government waste, providejobs and continue education reform.More

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