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Jacque Patterson endorses Vincent Orange

Experienced. Independent Legislator.

For Immediate Release: March 18, 2011 at 1:33 am

Jacque Patterson, President of the Ward 8 Democrats and former candidate for DC City Council At-Large, issues the following statement regarding his endorsement of candidate Vincent Orange.  

"The decision of the DC Board of Elections and Ethics earlier this week was a disappointing blow to our campaign to restore public trust in DC politics.  Because I will no longer be on the ballot, my first concern is to decide who will best serve in the spirit that I would have.  After speaking with several of the remaining candidates, I have decided to endorse Vincent Orange to fill out the vacated unexpired term of our new Council Chairman Kwame Brown.
While all of the candidates bring unique skill sets, Vincent Orange is prepared to address the urgent issues immediately.  I am confident that Vincent Orange will be able to work with other fiscally responsible Council members and be an independent Legislator. His knowledge of government operations is desperately needed at this time. I want to wish all the candidates good luck."  

The Orange Vision

Vincent's vision for Washington, DC, is that of a world-class city operating at its fullest potential. An extremely vibrant city that continues to beckon individuals, couples and families to live in, visit and experience its culture, arts, restaurants, retail, entertainment, sports venues, neighborhoods and tourism. More

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Vincent OrangeAs an attorney and certifiedpublic accountant, Vincent Orange has the skillset DC needs to make the citygreat again. In his earlier tenure on the DC Council, Vincent helped the cityturn a $518 million deficit into a $1.6 billion surplus reserve. Sincere-joining the DC Council last year, he has been at the forefront of efforts torestore ethical integrity to the Council, root out government waste, providejobs and continue education reform.More

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